Sunday, March 18, 2012

Darkening Skies

Through a Glass, Wicked Darkly

The Summer of Our Discontent is about to break loose with the sound of an historic global shattering. I’ll lay it out here and forever hold my peace. And I pray I’m horribly laughably wrong.


We are today witness to the early dawn of Israel's attack on Iran. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu met with President Obama to get three things- 1) The assurance of US intelligence from the ground and our satellites… 2) Information on all we know and installed of Iraq’s air defenses… 3) Assurance that we’ll provide at least two bunker buster bombs and the B-2s to deliver them. Each American “Massive Ordnance Penetrator” is urgently needed for Iran’s buried facilities, each weapon a 30,000-pound behemoth too heavy for any Israeli aircraft.


Israel’s strike force of 80 aircraft will launch before early May. The butcher/leaders of Syria are Sunni butchers so they hate the Shias leading Iran… and so Syria airspace is open. The disintegrating butcher/leaders of Iraq are Sunni butchers so they too will “look the other way” when the Israelis fly eastward at dawn with their sights on Northern Iran. The Israelis will hit at least five sites while high-flying American B-2s drop their cave-smashing hardware in a closely-coordinated attack.


ANY way you look at it, it’s bad— An Iranian blockade of the Strait of Hormuz…An Iranian attack on any tanker afloat…Iran’s immediate shipment of weapons into Gaza and Lebanon and the West Bank…Rockets rain down on Israel from every direction including the Mediterranean. Iran’s government will prove America’s role in the attack by producing pieces of the “Bunker Buster” bomb casings. And a bad situation gets worse.


The price of oil soars into the stratosphere. Republicans learn that Obama does not dictate the price of oil. Democrats will learn the price of unflagging alliances. America will get an entirely new education on The Costs of War.


The sudden oil problems sends global markets into a nosedive. Europe’s shaky nations unravel… Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy. International banks feel the hits. The fledgling joke that is the “US Recovery” goes into a sudden death spiral. The DOW plummets through 10,000 on its unerring journey to 7,000 or lower.


The Israeli attack is a HUGE Game Change. Voters suddenly recognize that a Wartime Government is no place for on-the-job training… and the momentum suddenly shifts to the Old War Horse- Gingrich. Proven, tested, been-there done-that. The War also fires up the angry anti-war base for Ron Paul. The Republicans go into Tampa for an Open Convention… and a completely new face might emerge as their Presidential candidate. With war at hand, I’ll scratch Palin ASAP. It will be wild. But in the end, my money is on a ticket of Newt Gingrich with Jon Kyl as VP.


I dread even thinking my thoughts, much less writing them. But violent and furious forces are set loose by Obama’s aid to Israel. Iran’s clerics call for Jihad and issue Fatwahs for the killing of the American President. Muslim Extremists and Al Qaeda seek vengeance for the War, the Koran burnings, and ALL the slaughters by the American Infidels. A’murkin rednecks have a thousand more reasons to hate Obama, the Muslim who used war to enrich fellow Muslims, an unqualified man of color in a war that calls for Red White & Blue leadership. The political campaign of 2012 demands that the President goes out on the campaign trail. And out there is where he is murdered. I shudder to write this.

In the aftermath, the Democratic party comes together in a bitter fight to create a wartime ticket. In the end, the ticket will be John Kerry with Veep Hillary Clinton at his side as Biden leads the nation through the last months of the Obama administration. An Open Democracy has a price, God help us all.


The economy is in shambles, a nation mourns its slain President, in their deepening hopelessness the minority vote belongs to no party, Warhawks pound the drums furiously, and Ron Paul emerges as a STRONG independent candidate based on his pledge to avoid war and foreign entanglements. In the end, I think the Republicans win a tight one.


All too impossible to be certain. But Europe and the Western World are relieved that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are dealt a blow. They try to take a unified stance in the U.N… ironically, they call for sanctions on Israel for being the “aggressor.” ANYTHING to placate and defuse the Arab/Muslim furor. The West will do everything possible to ensure the Mideast is forever divided by the Shia vs. Sunni hatred and distrust. NATO will be pleased to see intra-national infighting keep instability in Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, and Iraq. China does not miss the opportunity to be the new Big Cheese on the global scene. Beijing will condemn Israel and thus ensure its access to oil and the global market that is moving farther and farther from the “Western Puppets of The Zionists.”

A New Global Divide is coming and the only question is HOW MANY SEAMS will there be??? And can the Nuclear Genie be kept in the bottle?


  1. Makes for an interesting George Clooney movie. If you go back and look at ALL of your predictions, they are all gloom and doom. For the better part of 10 years, you have predicted the fall of the US, Middle East, the DOW, and the economy. Unfortunately, I agree that Israel will struck Iran. I think they have to. Once Iran HAS a nuclear weapon, it's too late for Israel.

    I think the world is prepared for this action. Iran has publicly declared they are building bomb to preemptively strike Israel . Israel has publicly declared they will strike first. Where is the surprise? The US will keep straights of Hormuz open, but yes, we will see $6 and $7 dollar gas for a while.

    Perhaps the fighting in the ME will finally wake up the US to develop its own oil? We have plenty. Nissan Leafs and Chevy Volts will fly off the shelves. There have been calls to kill our leader (no matter which party) for some time. I don't see growing impatience from the Iranian people in your predictions. They are ripe for revolution with students and middle class already not supporting the ruling party. Iran will no longer be able to import gas and food. There will be a war. But, it will be a very short one. It isn't just the US. The world depends on ME oil and the world won't tolerate a war longer than a few weeks or months. It will be the entire world against Iran and Israel.

    China already is the big dog, but they depend on the US more than we depend on them. We have to import their goods and they have a growing middle class who depends on our business.

    Sure, the DOW will fall just like any other time of crisis. But, not in half. It will also recover quickly, just like every other time.

    This isn't a world war between super powers. This is a small regional war (again), in the middle east (again), involving Israel (again). And it will happen again and again. The markets are prepared for this.

    It will be bad, but not as bad as you predict. It will also be short and the world will be better afterward as tension will once again be released over Iran's nuclear program. Then, like always, the tension will slowly build for 40-50 years before there will be another war in the same place for the same reason.

    1. As always, thank you Mr. Fitz. It's true that I'm always crying Wolf... but all scenarios begin with the long-delayed Israeli attack. This time, I think we've hit the Trip Wire, a window where Israel's planes can't wait for the thin air of summer. Let's hope you're right and it's merely a dandy little war. MANY like the way you think... and thanx again.

  2. I'm still waiting for the BP oil plug to come undone per your prediction ending the worlds oceans as we know it.

    1. Always Good Theater to watch bp. As far as the Gulf, keep an eye on the deep waters of the De Soto Canyon. It's where life begins... unless tiny droplets of oil cascade down to suffocate the Tiniest Generation. Nah, we're safe-- I've seen the bp commercials! And they're taking the show on the road.

  3. Some blog!
    Methinks you spend too much time on other people's blogs.


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